Zodiac Tattoo Designs – How to Pick the Best Zodiac Tattoo Design For You

Zodiac tattoo designs combine elegance and symbolism. They are a unique way to express your personality and your inner self to the world. However, there are a number of factors you should consider before choosing the best zodiac tattoo design for you. preethi zodiac mg 218

1 A simple zodiac tattoo vs tattoo with more elements. A lot of people go for the symbol that represents their zodiac sign. Simplicity always brings some sense of elegance. However, adding additional elements to the original symbol will make the tattoo more unique and original.

Combine the zodiac tattoo with different elements. Each of the 12 zodiac signs is characterized by its own element (earth, air, water, fire), flower and color. It is also represented by the image of an animal( Aries-the Ram, Taurus -the Bull, Cancer -the Crab, Leo -the Lion, Capricorn-the Goat etc) or human (Virgo- the Virgin, Gemini -the Twins,Sagittarius-the Archer). Libra is an exception traditionally depicted by the image of scales. The variety of elements associated with each zodiac sign leaves the symbols open to numerous artistic interpretations. Thus you can combine your zodiac symbol with your element or your flower. Plenty of creative opportunities here.

3 Combine your Western zodiac sign with symbols from other zodiacs. For example, if you are a Pisces born in the year of the tiger, you can combine the image of the two animals in an elegant and impressive tattoo design. You can do further research on Vedic and Chinese zodiac symbols that can enrich your tattoo design.

Zodiac tattoo designs give endless opportunities for creative interpretation. However, invest a good amount of time in finding the design that really works for you. When it comes to tattoos, quick decisions equal lifelong regrets.

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